Two Easy Overnight Breakfast Ideas


Making (and obviously eating) breakfast has become one of my favorite parts of the day. Nothing feels better than to start off with an energizing breakfast and a good ole cup of coffee! Seriously, I don’t know how people could skip it! Now for confession time… In yesteryear, my mornings would kickstart with a jolt of caffeine and a sugar high from two frozen blueberry waffles with peanut butter drizzled  on top EVERY MORNING. After an onslaught of traumatic skin breakouts, I finally decided to cut dairy, refined sugars, and packaged foods out of my diet for one month. Well that month came and passed, and I decided to keep maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle. But let’s be real… I still enjoy bowls of ice cream, cheesy pizza, and lots of chocolate like any other person. Little cheats make a healthy lifestyle so much more enjoyable! So after all of my rambling, here are a two easy, overnight breakfasts to fill your tummy and take those rainy days and Monday blues away!


Peanut Butter Almond Overnight Oats

If you are one of those people who hit the snooze button one too many times in the morning and need a little help getting out the door, these Peanut Butter Almond Overnight Oats is your golden ticket! This California weather has been repeatedly creeping past 105°  so it’s nice to enjoy a cold breakfast.


  • 1 Cup of Rolled Oats
  • 1 1/2 Cup of Unsweetened Almond Milk
  • 1 Tbsp. PB Fit Powder (or any nut butter)
  • Honey to taste

Mix the above ingredients and let it refrigerate over night. I find it best when the almond milk covers the top of the oats. This ensures that the oats will be nice and soft in the morning!

Top with Kind Peanut Butter Cluster Granola, chopped almonds, and drizzle all the peanut butter your heart desires!



Banana Coconut Chia Pudding

If you are a first timer when it comes to chia seed pudding, then get ready. This will make your mornings go from a 0 to a 10 real quick!

It’s  a great option for a simple and oh so delicious breakfast. Five minutes tops, and it will be ready to throw in the refrigerator to set over night. The chia seeds soak up the liquid and take on a pudding like consistency.


  • 2 Tbsp. Chia Seeds
  • 1 Container of Coconut Milk Yogurt (or any other type of yogurt)
  • 1/2 Cup of Non Sweetened Almond Milk

Mix the above ingredients and let it refrigerate overnight. If you want the best consistency possible, then pull it out after 30 minutes and give it another quick stir to evenly distribute the seeds.

Top with half of a sliced banana and unsweetened coconut shreds.

Making new topping combinations is my favorite thing to do. There are so many options, you can have a new recipe every single morning, and your tastebuds will be in Heaven.

Thank you for reading!

xoxo Lily



Dia:Beacon Trip

Chloe, Lindsay, and I lugged a few bags through the chaos of Grand Central Station and took a train up to Beacon, New York. It was so nice to get away from the rush and noise of the city for a few days. We joked that I was taking a vacation from my vacation! Isn’t that the life?! My favorite place in Beacon was the Dia:Beacon Museum. The natural lighting and clean white walls showcase the art beautifully. It is home to many unique pieces that might not be easily displayed or accepted in traditional museums.



Finding beauty in the broken.



To the naked eye, these lights are entirely white. But when you take a picture, the rings change into a green and yellow hue.
Leading nowhere.
This was definitely the most terrifying place in a museum I’ve ever been! This spot was underground, supported by dozens of concrete pillars, and lit entirely by green LED lights. It could be a prime horror movie filming location.
The natural light that seeped through the glass windows up above was more my cup of tea.




Thanks for reading!


Brooklyn Borough Hall Greenmarket









My Saturday started off with a morning yoga session at Jaya Yoga in Brooklyn. Unfortunately for my weak arms, Downward Dog seemed to be a favorite of the instructor. Later that day, I took a train to the Brooklyn Borough Hall Greenmarket and browsed the fresh produce and fruit stalls. Then Chloe and I went to the American Ballet Theater’s closing night production of Swan Lake. I have always had a dream to see Maria Kochetkova dance in person, and that night I finally got to see her dance!

First Day In New York City

My sister Chloe and I took an uber into Manhattan and jumped out at the Flower District. The air smelled so fresh and clean with the scent of roses all along the street.



The sidewalk of the Flower District was lined with different types of greenery and all of the flowers and bouquets were inside the shops.





The old railroad that the Highline sits on was converted to a beautiful walkway for both tourists and locals and opened in 2009. I love it because the streets below are buzzing with people and construction, but once you go up the steps, you can slow down and enjoy the shade of the trees.


Outside of the New York City Public Library.




These were my three favorite pieces at the Whitney Museum. In the picture above, the photographer, Richard Avedon, portrayed contrasting themes through the model’s sleek Dior gown and the tough hide of the elephants.


I managed to find an empty lawn chair (the parks are packed with people during the summer) in Bryant Park and munched on a pistachio eclair while listening to Edith Piaf playing over a loud speaker. It all felt very French!


Later that night, we took the Subway to Prospect Park, dragging a mini cooler behind us and listened to a concert. Regardless of walking roughly twelve miles total that day, I doubt if I will be able to walk off all of the necessary sweets I’m going to consume over the next month!

Party Popping

Why wait for the Fourth of July, when you have fireworks just waiting to be popped?





My summer is starting off with a bang, as I will soon be in New York! I’m so excited to see what new experiences this city has in store for me! I’ve played the tourist at Times Square and the Statue of Liberty before, but I’ve never been able to slow down and soak in some local colour over a cup of coffee. I’m looking forward to sitting in Central Park with a book longer, lingering in the MET for a few more hours, and walking just a little bit slower.

XOXO, Lily