Dia:Beacon Trip

Chloe, Lindsay, and I lugged a few bags through the chaos of Grand Central Station and took a train up to Beacon, New York. It was so nice to get away from the rush and noise of the city for a few days. We joked that I was taking a vacation from my vacation! Isn’t that the life?! My favorite place in Beacon was the Dia:Beacon Museum. The natural lighting and clean white walls showcase the art beautifully. It is home to many unique pieces that might not be easily displayed or accepted in traditional museums.



Finding beauty in the broken.



To the naked eye, these lights are entirely white. But when you take a picture, the rings change into a green and yellow hue.
Leading nowhere.
This was definitely the most terrifying place in a museum I’ve ever been! This spot was underground, supported by dozens of concrete pillars, and lit entirely by green LED lights. It could be a prime horror movie filming location.
The natural light that seeped through the glass windows up above was more my cup of tea.




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