First Day In New York City

My sister Chloe and I took an uber into Manhattan and jumped out at the Flower District. The air smelled so fresh and clean with the scent of roses all along the street.



The sidewalk of the Flower District was lined with different types of greenery and all of the flowers and bouquets were inside the shops.





The old railroad that the Highline sits on was converted to a beautiful walkway for both tourists and locals and opened in 2009. I love it because the streets below are buzzing with people and construction, but once you go up the steps, you can slow down and enjoy the shade of the trees.


Outside of the New York City Public Library.




These were my three favorite pieces at the Whitney Museum. In the picture above, the photographer, Richard Avedon, portrayed contrasting themes through the model’s sleek Dior gown and the tough hide of the elephants.


I managed to find an empty lawn chair (the parks are packed with people during the summer) in Bryant Park and munched on a pistachio eclair while listening to Edith Piaf playing over a loud speaker. It all felt very French!


Later that night, we took the Subway to Prospect Park, dragging a mini cooler behind us and listened to a concert. Regardless of walking roughly twelve miles total that day, I doubt if I will be able to walk off all of the necessary sweets I’m going to consume over the next month!


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